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  1. Canine Kidney Disease | Family Pet Veterinary Center in Des ...
    A low protein, low phosphorous diet. First, the diet helps to minimize excess
    protein waste products that require the ...
  2. Latest News on Renal Diets - "Cleveleand Clinic Foundation ...
    2/11/09 Dietary Aid Helps Kidney Patients Stay Safe U.S. News ... A low- protein
    diet is used in people with ...
  3. Puppy with Renal Dysplasia... Is a Low Protein Diet OK? - Dogs ...
    They did an ultrasound that found she had Renal Dysplasia, stating that her ...
    Although I understand the concept of the low protein ...
  4. High-protein diets vs renal function - Parkhurst Exchange
    In patients with impaired renal function, normal or excessive protein intake ...
    Another recent paper suggests that a ...
  5. Right Diet May Cut Kidney Risk in Diabetes - MedPage Today
    Aug 13, 2013 ... Interestingly, low protein intake was associated with greater rates of progression,
    ... beneficial effects of ...
  6. Kidney Damage (Acute Renal Failure) | CancerConnect News
    The kidneys are fist-sized organs located in your lower back, near your spine. ...
    When the body breaks down protein from the ...
  7. Eating Well for your Kidneys - British Renal Society
    special diet, depending on the stage of your kidney disease. Your doctor may
    want you to .... Twice a week. It is not necessary to ...
  8. Diet Manual - California Department of Developmental Services
    This diet manual was originally developed in 2003 by a team of dedicated
    nutritional ..... Renal Diet . .... fat dairy products ...
  9. Boosting Kidney Function? - Dr. Weil
    Feb 14, 2008 ... The two most important things you can do to protect your kidney function from
    further decline are to follow a ...
  10. Should companion animals who have chronic kidney disease eat
    Dec 11, 2012 ... Animals with kidney disease or kidney dysfunction should not eat lower protein
    diets; as ...
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